Wilder in Graduation Regalia
Wilder in Graduation Regalia

The education of our children should not be relegated to selective leaders. It is the responsibility of the community which reposes its confidence in those elected, appointed and charged with leadership.

Finger-pointing and blame laying are not solutions to problems, they are excuses.

The following statistics are unacceptable for “On-Time” Graduation rates for the city of Richmond. But as long as the community allows for lamentations and the usual lame excuse of lack of money, the statistics will continue to be alarming.

Leadership at all levels – National, State, and Local, and most importantly local, must be demanded from those chosen so to provide.

Richmond can do better than this; it must do better than this, else the “Cesspool of Corruption and Inefficiency” will be applicable to all so charged to bring about positive change.

Virginia “On-Time” Graduation Statistics:

Statewide Average: 91.5%
Chesterfield: 90.6%
Hanover: 95%
Henrico: 90.8%
Richmond: 70.6%

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