Our leaders in Government must continually be vigilant in determining how to spend our tax dollars.

I am pleased to see Virginia removed from a negative “credit watch” imposed four years ago by a national bond rating agency.

I vowed as Governor, after being left with a deficit growing to over $2 billion, that I wanted my administration to chart the course for future Governors similarly confronted.  We created the “Rainy Day Fund”, enshrining it in our Constitution, and providing further legislative safeguards.

The removal from negative “credit watch” is crucial for us to be able to float bonds at less expensive rates and to use available funds in reserve for demanding needs, as stated in the recently published article.

Spending on necessities, not niceties, should always be our guide.

Virginia’s Historically Black Colleges and Universities MUST be funded lest the inequities will continue.  Blaming the segregationists of past eras won’t cut it with more discerning people. Take a look at who is a part of doing it now.

When a thing is right, the time is always right. That time is now, further excuses are rejected.

Stay tuned.

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