Governor Wilder Speaking

VA and its local governments have had access to $1 billion to assist with rent and mortgage payments. Yet, the people will still suffer the pangs of eviction and homelessness in the midst of a global pandemic.

You ask, how can this be happening? The answers you get are puzzling and convoluted.

The process to access the funding is contradictory and inefficient. To begin with, this issue of providing relief to those in need of immediate help, for some reason has not been prioritized.

Officials give no reason why they have distributed less than 30% of the available federal funds. This tells me that the money has been there but not utilized as intended.

WHY, and what reasons have been given for this failure of government to fulfill its obligations to the people?

Can those who seek to represent the people provide answers and reasons for this failure? If so, when; and if not WHY not?

Stay tuned.

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