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Virginia Knows How to Balance Its Budget

Some while back, I sat down with Stephen Fehr at PEW research to discuss Virginia being the Best Managed State two years in a row under my administration and the resulting Rainy Day Fund. Today, I received a copy of Fehr’s article, entitled, “Virginia Knows How to Balance Its Budget“, which appeared in Trust Magazine. [...]

Race and Politics in America

Students from the Washington Center, George Mason University in Virginia, and Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana, participated by broadband feed in a distance learning class.  Former Virginia Governor Doug Wilder (D) talked by remote video from Richmond about the relationship between race and politics in America. Video clips were also shown. This course was a [...]

This is a Time for Strict & Measured Sobriety

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Virginia is still a toss-up state

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How will the stock market influence 2012?

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The Daily Rundown for September 12th

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After debt deal mess, Americans lose

The U.S. government can now meet its obligations. A deal has been struck between Democrats and Republicans on both ends of Pennsylvania Avenue. The crisis we have been forced to live through these past few weeks has been averted — for the time being. Yet this is no time for a celebration. Everyone in Washington [...]

Former Virginia Governor: Put the People First

What States are Saying about The TOP State for Business: Virginia

Virginia is Tops for Business

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