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Obama best look for variation in ‘Bradley effect’

Is the “Bradley effect” dead? The Obama campaign had better not count on it. The way Barack Obama won the presidency in 2008 led many commentators and political scientists to drive what they cited as the final nail into the coffin of the Bradley effect. This term, named for Los Angeles Mayor Tom Bradley, defines [...]

Obama Officially Begins Reelection Bid

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Former VA governor Doug Wilder predicts close race in November, touts Rubio

Doug Wilder, the grandson of slaves, who in 1989 became the first African-American governor elected in the U.S., in Virginia, is a longtime student of politics. Since ending his post-gubernatorial term as Richmond mayor in 2009, Wilder has become an outspoken political commentator, offering President Barack Obama and Republicans advice, as well as criticism, often in the [...]

How will the stock market influence 2012?

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For Mitt Romney, Condoleezza Rice is the ticket

In August 2010, here in POLITICO, I proposed that President Barack Obama replace Vice President Joe Biden on the 2012 Democratic ticket with Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. I still think it is the wisest course of action. And what about the GOP’s vice presidential intentions? First the Democrats. Obama would need a little more of President Lyndon B. Johnson’s [...]

Critics Want Biden Off 2012 Ticket After Taliban Gaffe

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Who’s better for African-Americans: Clinton or Obama?

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Keeping Track of President Obama

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Barack Obama & the Unease of Voting Independents

Richmond — When I received a phone call earlier this week asking me to have a frank discussion about the president’s problem with independents — specifically, as to how acute the issue is in Virginia, an important swing state — I wanted to share the sense of unease that I am hearing from my neighbors around [...]

Obama’s CBC speech goes wide of mark

I was in Washington this past weekend attending a board of trustees meeting at Howard University. I did not attend any of the events during the Congressional Black Caucus Foundation’s annual awards dinner. After I heard about President Barack Obama’s speech, I was glad I didn’t attend. I did, though, have occasion to talk with [...]

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