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Son of Virginia

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PRESS CONFERENCE: NATIONAL SLAVERY MUSEUM VIRGINIA STATE CAPITOL – RICHMOND, VIRGINIA MAY 8, 2014 – 10:00 AM I want to quote from a portion of an op-ed that I wrote for the Richmond Times Dispatch that was published in February of this year. “Does Virginia need a slavery museum? Does America need Virginia to have [...]

“The remarkable career of Gov. L. Douglas Wilder”

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Is this why Obama won the Nobel Peace Prize?

In December 2009 the world was treated to the unexpected news that President Barack Obama had been awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Among those most surprised was Obama himself. Not many sitting American presidents have won the award. In fact, Obama was only the third. Now, as Obama stumbles his way through a proposed military [...]

Growing pressure on Obama to get in front of latest scandals

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Voting in an election that matters

Every four years, presidential nominees tell voters that this election is the most important of our lifetimes. Such proclamations are largely hyperbole. In 2012, however, it might be warranted. This election is consequential. During the next four years, the nation will have to face issues of debt, taxes and fiscal stability that will imprint our [...]

Critics Want Biden Off 2012 Ticket After Taliban Gaffe

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Bad Things Happen When a Party Doesn’t Compromise with the Electorate

Over the past few months watching the agenda from the leaders in Washington, I have thought back to 1983 with more frequency as the days have gone by. That year I was running in my last election for the Virginia Senate before seeking my first statewide office two years later … but I haven’t been [...]

Today’s Elections & the White House

Obama: ‘We Have to Guard the Change’

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