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By the People: The Role of Urban Communities in Improving Housing, Education, and Public Policy

I was pleased to host the 2018 Wilder Symposium “By the People: The Role of Urban Communities in Improving Housing, Education, and Public Policy” at Virginia Commonwealth University this week. Our speakers were excellent and the discussion was a deep dive into the issues facing urban communities, particularly issues of housing and education. As I stated [...]

My Remarks at the 50th Anniversary of the Kerner Commission Report Conference

‘We can be such instruments for change in our country. We cannot wait for the government to act; government must be prodded to act. We must make known to those entrusted to us for education and training the necessity to continue the thrust of demanding what is right and criticizing what is wrong.”

My Remarks on the Raleigh Building Ribbon Cutting

“Dr. Rao, Dean Gooden, associated administrative officials, faculty, honored guests, and all assembled, I am honored to be here today. I remember this building well. As a boy, I worked in many places in this section of Richmond as well as waiting tables at the Commonwealth Club and The Jefferson Hotel just down the street. [...]

Statement on the Potential Selection of U.S. Senator Tim Kaine

I’ve been asked by any number of persons about the potential selection of my friend and colleague, Senator Tim Kaine. I have relayed both publicly and privately my support for his selection and continue to think that he would be a solid choice for Ms. Clinton in the role of Vice President. This is a [...]

We Must Address the Spread of Racism

In my interview with Mike Valerio for Channel 12, I suggested that we must address the spread of racism in America. NBC12 – WWBT – Richmond, VA News On Your Side

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