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It Was an Honor to Take Part in Nigeria’s Continued Progress

RICHMOND — IT WAS A PLEASURE and an honor to be invited by the National Governors Association — as a former member — in conjunction with the Nigeria Governors’ Forum, to help lead the three-day induction course for Nigeria’s newly elected governors. I was part of a group that included former Governor Bill Richardson of [...]

Osama bin Laden’s Death Presents an Opportunity to Highlight American Humility, Not Hubris

RICHMOND — OSAMA BIN LADEN can harm us no more. Those are words many Americans have waited a long time to say. And I find they bring me great relief as an American to be able to use them. One of history’s worst mass murderers — a man who found satisfaction and purpose in attacking [...]

Let’s Rebuild the Democratic Party of Virginia for the People — Not the Politicians

We rebuilt the Democratic Party of Virginia to exist for the benefit of its members and the citizens of this commonwealth. Does it still? Since the modern era of Virginia political history began — in 1969 when two-party competition first started — Virginia Democrats have ended statewide electoral draughts before. As a matter of fact, [...]

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